Talisman - 2018

Talisman is a three dimensional immersive paper installation that reimagines the symbolisms used in minhwa. The word minhwa directly translates to ‘the people’s paintings’. Proliferated during the Korean Chosun Dynasty, min hwa were often created by untrained wandering painters to be hung in kitchens, bedrooms, and doorways in the hopes that they would offer the family protection and bring about good fortune. The focus of these paintings were immensely diverse, featuring animals, plants, books, landscapes and other elements that held fundamental significance to the common folk. There was a heavy focus on maintaining the visual equilibrium within the framework of each rendition; perhaps in reflection of the importance these people placed on stability and custom.

These three dimensional permutations are a reflection of the ever-changing symbology within min hwa, adding to the existing strata of interpretations with its genesis. The process of reinterpreting the visual framework of min hwa traces the artist’s process of attempting to understand their own position in the gyopo diaspora.

Photo Credit: Nam Hoang 
Cat Lamora 2018